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Meet Aurora

"One, No One, and One Hundred Thousand " L. Pirandello

I was born in Italy, and from early memories, I have been a multi-passionate person.

I trained in one of the most fast-paced and demanding industries: veterinary medicine. To cope with the job's and uni's demands, I discovered yoga and meditation, where movement meets presence. 

I trained as a 200-hour Yoga teacher in 2017 and have taught ever since. I am enrolled in a 300-hour Yoga Teacher training.

I have been a Mental Health First Aider since 2021, undertaking and delivering CPD on organisational psychology and well-being.

I am passionate about holding space for women, especially during transitional phases (such as birth, postpartum and menopause but not only).

My lineage includes Sara Avant Stover, Marianne Wells, Kimberly Ann Johnson, and Amy Jones. I am the mother of a fast-paced 4-year-old boy and a cheeky cat called Blu.

I am a trained MotherCircle facilitator (

I am the yoga guest teacher at the first veterinary retreat (

Women's circles

Find Your Moment 

Get to Know Me

Welcome to Find Your Moment, where science and yoga intertwine. With roots in veterinary medicine, I've pursued yoga since I was 18, yet kept it secluded from my professional life.


It wasn't until 2017, when I embraced yoga teaching that I recognised its profound potential to shape not only my personal but also my professional life.


However, the challenging birth of my son amidst the pandemic, coupled with a burgeoning focus on workplace well-being, propelled me to establish Find Your Moment.


Here, I offer yoga practices, well-being workshops, and breathwork sessions, with women in mind. Particularly if they are busy and in a transitional phase of life (pregnancy, post-partum, menopause, aging). 

Accessibility is important to me, and I welcome individuals of all levels and body types. I do not look or bend like a typical Insta yoga teacher.


I champion agency and empowerment, ensuring everyone discovers their transformative journey or even just an hour disconnected from the constant buzz of modern life. 

Qualifications and CPD:

  •  Yoga Teacher Training 200 hrs Hatha Yoga

  • Yin Yoga 30 hrs (Yoga with Kassandra)

  • Pregnancy Yoga 60 hrs (Amy-Yoga)

  • Prenatal Yoga 10 hrs (Brett Larkin)

  • 80- hrs Women's Meditation and Yoga (Sara Avant Stover)

  • Mothercircle (since 2020)

  • Mothercircle Facilitator (2023)

  • Somatic experiencing course (Jaguar course) with Kimberly A. Johnson (since 2020)

Yoga Child's Pose

There is not enough support for women, especially during life-transitions

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