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Yoga in Pregnancy

Welcome to's inclusive yoga classes tailored for pregnancy (from 12/14 weeks).

I wanted this course to offer you different tools for your journey:

  • Relaxation and letting go, for when you are exhausted after a long day at work.

  • Activation and movement to wake up your body and for those feel-good vibes, aka endorphins.

  • Breathwork for birth and postpartum (I still use it when I am afraid to fly or when I cannot sleep).

  • Postures for good baby alignment and birth (try and test and create your own toolbox)

Move from a busy 'pregnant woman' to a present mom-to-be ready to experience a transformative journey.

Practice a warm-up on all 4s with me

Yoga in Pregnancy course (from 12/14 weeks) 

Yoga during pregnancy offers many benefits, from easing physical discomfort to enhancing relaxation and mental well-being.

Every pregnancy is unique, and every mum-to-be has different needs and preferences.


I will guide you through gentle yet effective poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques suitable for all experience levels.

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, our classes are open to all expectant mothers seeking to cultivate strength, flexibility, and inner peace during this sacred time.

The recordings will be released from June 11th to 18th, and you will have until June 1st, 2025, to practice the recorded classes over and over again. 

After this summer, the course will be updated, and the price will likely increase too. 

Bonus 1: You will receive a free recorded bonus class of Yoga on the Swiss ball

Bonus 2: Yoga minis to keep the practice going when you have little time.

Looking for more guidance? Upgrade to the VIP experience with a 30-minute 1:1 online call/practice to bring all the questions!

Do you want a personalised path? Receive my entire course and 4 1:1 sessions in person in Epsom or online—Enquire for pricing.  

And yes, I cannot touch MY toes so you will be just fine!

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