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My Journey with Yoga Through Pregnancy

Updated: May 9

Finding Strength in Unexpected Twists

Embarking on a journey with yoga during pregnancy was initially a feel-good prospect, a natural extension of my passion for teaching Yoga. Little did I know the path would wind through unexpected challenges.

As a busy veterinary anaesthetist with a lengthy commute, I enjoyed coming home and practising yoga.

Determined to prioritise my well-being and that of my growing baby, I decided to step back from teaching and minimise my commitments (I was teaching Yin Yoga in Streatham back then).

Optimistically, I signed up for a pregnancy yoga teacher training course, only to realise the overwhelming exhaustion of the first trimester demanded more rest than I anticipated.

Despite cancelling the training, my dedication to yoga persisted. I turned to online practices, finding comfort and stability in the familiar postures.

I envisioned a smooth, empowering delivery with my usual diligent preparation and study.

However, life had other plans.

Amidst the turmoil of a global pandemic sweeping through my home country of Italy, I found myself facing an emergency C-section. The experience left me disappointed and uncertain, and I stepped away from my practice altogether.

Simple tasks (like walking or sitting cross-legged—spoiler alert: perhaps do not try it immediately after delivery) became painful reminders of my physical and emotional strain.

It took over three months, but gradually, I found my way back to the mat.

In my journey back to yoga, I discovered the transformative power of guidance. In 2023, under Amy Jones's mentorship (, I became a pregnancy yoga teacher, eager to offer support and empowerment to others on their journey through pregnancy.

For me, yoga is more than just physical postures; it's a profound journey of self-discovery and resilience. Through the highs and lows of pregnancy, it has been my steadfast companion, guiding me through the unexpected twists with grace and determination. As I continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of motherhood, I carry with me the lessons learned on the mat—resilience, strength, and, most of all, presence.


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