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Boundaries: do you know the lingo?

Updated: Apr 23

What are boundaries?

 “Boundaries are ways to communicate our needs to others via words and actions. They are also perimeters that we establish with ourselves and others. Therefore, boundaries…are also about holding yourself accountable for creating your life. “Nedra Glover Tawwab


Think/journal about your wine definition/s of boundaries.

Rigid boundaries

Healthy boundaries

Porous boundaries


Clear about your needs


No exceptions

Boundaries might change over time


Rigid rules

You respect other people’s boundaries


“No help needed”


Weak/absent/poorly expressed

Fear of vulnerability


Harmful to you (and others)



Which type of boundaries are you setting?

Are there situations in which you have rigid boundaries or porous boundaries?

Bibliography and further readings


Tawwab, N.G., 2021. Set boundaries, find peace: A guide to reclaiming yourself. Penguin.




How to Deal With a Difficult Co-worker. Marie Holowaychuk

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