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Maternal Journal @ Epsom Social


The workshops introduce the practice of ‘journaling’ as a creative way to express feelings, reflect on experiences and promote good mental health and wellbeing.

The sessions are facilitated by me, Aurora, a pregnancy yoga teacher and mental health first aider. We will start by settling in with some gentle seated movement, meditation or breathwork. We will then introduce the guide for the exercise for the day and spend some time drawing, writing, and imagining. We will then rejoin the circle to share or simply listen to what comes up to others. 

The art creations will be yours forever (you can see some of mine here), and they make wonderful artworks and memories. 

The project can generate strong feelings and, therefore, is not recommended for people with a history of, or current, serious mental health issues.

Maternal Journal is an inclusive project that welcomes all women*, mothers, and people who birth and creates a safe space for people to listen, share and support each other.


No prior experience is needed, and all are welcome. Babies are welcome to come along but no activity will be tailored to them.

Materials and refreshments are provided (1 coffee/tea/non-alcoholic refreshment included).

When? This summer, 7 Tuesdays, just before lunchtime (11:00-12:00)

Where? Epsom town centre at Epsom Social (

  • 9th July: Revolutionary Mothering (by Barbie Asante)

  • 30th July: Cut and paste poetry (by Fran Burden)

  • 6th August:Your list poem (Hollie McNish) 

  • 13th August: Poliphonic diary (by Kelly Priest)

  • 20th August: Comics (by Kate Evans)

  • 27th August:Layered self portrait (by Amy Dignam) + Explore your senses (by doula Shell)


Workshop Times: 11am – 12 pm

Register here

Facebook: Twitter: @maternaljrnl
Instagram: @maternaljrnl

*The use of the word ‘woman’ is intended as inclusive of any person who ‘births’ or identifies as a ‘woman’,’mother’ or ‘gender non-conforming parent’.

Maternal Journal Epsom is an exciting project supported by King's College of London and involves pregnant women*, new mothers or people that birth.
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