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Unsure on how to modify your yoga practice for SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction)?
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Hello, I am Aurora

I was born in Italy, and I have been a multi-passionate person from early memories.

I trained in one of the most fast-paced and demanding industries: veterinary medicine. I now work as a specialist in Veterinary Anesthesia. To cope with the demands of my job and university, I discovered yoga and meditation, where movement meets presence.

I trained as a 200-hour Yoga teacher in 2017.I have been a Mental Health First Aider since 2021, undertaking and delivering CPD on organisational psychology and well-being. I am trying to redefine and re-discover high performance via non-technical skills and embodiment! Are you curious? Sign up for my newsletter to be the first one to know about new offers and programs!


I'm always looking for ways to support female professionals through yoga, meditation and breathwork or lectures on well-being. Let's connect! 

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